City fences

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Lawn fences are used to designate the territory of lawns, avenues, paths, parks and have long been an integral part of the improvement of yard areas. Also, lawn fences prevent parking on lawns, and protect lawns from being trampled by people, wild and domestic animals. Trainz versions are supported: 2009, 2010, 12, T: ANE. Name in the game: t city fence xx

Author: trainzment,

Package Contents:

Title kuid kind build Size
t city fence 01 <kuid:555861:100048> track 3.6 514.93kB
t city fence 02 <kuid:555861:100051> track 3.6 253.57kB
t city fence 03 <kuid:555861:100052> track 3.6 578.90kB
t city fence 04 <kuid:555861:100055> track 3.6 628.17kB
t city fence 05 <kuid:555861:100056> track 3.6 495.69kB
t city fence 06 <kuid:555861:100080> track 3.6 64.30kB


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