Road holes

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Road pits are found on almost any road in Russia and not only. So, this small pack will increase the realism of the road in Trainz 2010 - TRS19.

In the game name: t road hole XX

Author: trainzment,

Package Contents:

Title kuid kind build Size
t road pits library <kuid:555861:100088> mesh 2.9 1.07MB
t road hole 03 <kuid:555861:100091> scenery 2.9 15.30kB
t road hole 02 <kuid:555861:100090> scenery 2.9 16.21kB
t road hole 05 <kuid:555861:100093> scenery 2.9 15.19kB
t road hole 04 <kuid:555861:100092> scenery 2.9 19.96kB
t road hole 06 <kuid:555861:100094> scenery 2.9 14.87kB
t road hole 08 <kuid:555861:100096> scenery 2.9 15.26kB
t road hole 07 <kuid:555861:100095> scenery 2.9 14.95kB
t road hole 09 <kuid:555861:100097> scenery 2.9 12.94kB
t road hole 01 <kuid:555861:100089> scenery 2.9 18.03kB


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