Road patches

137 loads

Road Patches for Trainz 2010 - TRS2019

* May need to change the height of the object

Author: trainzment,

Package Contents:

Title kuid kind build Size
t road patchs library <kuid:555861:100105> mesh 2.9 276.46kB
t road patch 02 <kuid:555861:100107> scenery 2.9 11.47kB
t road patch 01 <kuid:555861:100106> scenery 2.9 11.54kB
t road patch 04 <kuid:555861:100109> scenery 2.9 10.47kB
t road patch 03 <kuid:555861:100108> scenery 2.9 11.35kB
t road patch 05 <kuid:555861:100110> scenery 2.9 11.49kB
t road patch 06 <kuid:555861:100111> scenery 2.9 10.15kB


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