Road puddles with sky reflection

180 loads

Download road puddles for Trainz Simulator. They truly reflect the sky. Most likely, you will need to change the height of the object.

Works in trs2010 - TRS19 (?)

Author: trainzment,

Package Contents:

Title kuid kind build Size
t road puddles library <kuid:555861:100098> mesh 2.9 1.34MB
t road puddle 01 <kuid:555861:100099> scenery 2.9 14.70kB
t road puddle 03 <kuid:555861:100101> scenery 2.9 13.37kB
t road puddle 02 <kuid:555861:100100> scenery 2.9 13.30kB
t road puddle 04 <kuid:555861:100102> scenery 2.9 11.91kB
t road puddle spline 02 <kuid:555861:100103> track 2.9 13.14kB
t road puddle spline 01 <kuid:555861:100104> track 2.9 12.58kB


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