Right-Hand Drive DES


Author: davesnow
Kind: region
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Uploaded: 2024-03-17

Right-Hand Drive DES

World Traffic Region Mix std. REVISION NOTE: Deleted some crappy looking vehicles and added several better looking vehicles.
This Traffic region is for all countrys who drive at right hand
They have 51 cars in the total
I Dave Snow, have only slightly modified the original file which was created by arraial
to include a few vehicles of my own and replaced a few others.
Thanks to arraial for his hard work in creating this region.
This traffic region is recomended more for High end machines
For lower computers Spcs use them from your own risk.

Many thanks to Dinorius_Redundicus for the permission of the engine sounds in almost all the cars.

Many Thanks to the Contributers of the cars...Dinorius_Redundicus...Vulcan....TRS2010 Builtin......KDS....Willem2...NZLD

    Right-Hand Drive DES
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