Walmart Distribution Center DES


Author: davesnow
Kind: buildable
Build: 2.9
Size: 10.66MB
Uploaded: 2023-11-06

Walmart Distribution Center DES

Walmart Distribution Center. Has night mode and one attachment track. NON Industry Active.
May be reskinned as long as I am given credit for the original G-Max file and meshes.

Author: David Snow --- [email protected]

    Walmart Distribution Center DES
  • $screenshot$.jpg 38.13KB
  • building art 1.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • building art 1.tga 16.00MB
  • building art 2.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • building art 2.tga 16.00MB
  • config.txt 2.01KB
  • house_night
  • night art-night art.texture.txt 53 bytes
  • night art.texture.txt 32 bytes
  • night art.tga 1.00MB
  • 7.70KB
  • track art no grass.texture.txt 41 bytes
  • track art no grass.tga 1.00MB
  • truck dock art.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • truck dock art.tga 3.00MB
  • 572.86KB

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