Wellcar Gunderson Unit C BNSF DES


Author: davesnow
Kind: traincar
Build: 3.5
Size: 3.76MB
Uploaded: 2022-07-18
Web-site: ww-

Wellcar Gunderson Unit C BNSF DES

Gunderson Twin-Stack Well Car, Unit C (Center), lettered for BNSF, Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Unit A must be attached to one side and Unit B must be attached to opposite side for this car to look correctly. Will load random containers when the INSTANTLOAD Command is used. NEW VERSION NOTE: Thanks to Bob Denning of TrainzItalia (username DennR) for modifying this config to allow this asset to be used in TRS2019.

Author: Dave Snow

    Wellcar Gunderson Unit C BNSF DES
  • $screenshot$.jpg 9.67KB
  • 64.texture.txt 51 bytes
  • 64.tga 32.04KB
  • config.txt 13.55KB
  • jr_traincar.gs 64 bytes
  • mesh_alpha_numbers
  • alphanumber_0a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_1a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_2a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_3a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_4a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_5a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_6a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_7a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_8a.tga 16.04KB
  • alphanumber_9a.tga 16.04KB
  • mesh_body
  • alpha textures-alpha textures.texture.txt 63 bytes
  • alpha textures.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • alpha textures.tga 1.00MB
  • arn_bnsf_unit_b.im 5.52KB
  • coupler new art.texture.txt 38 bytes
  • coupler new art.tga 3.00MB
  • digit_1a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_1a.tga 17.04KB
  • digit_2a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_2a.tga 17.04KB
  • digit_3a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_3a.tga 17.04KB
  • digit_4a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_4a.tga 17.04KB
  • digit_5a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_5a.tga 17.04KB
  • digit_6a.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • digit_6a.tga 17.04KB
  • gunderson_twin_stack_unit_c_des.im 434.94KB
  • well car art-well car art.texture.txt 59 bytes
  • well car art.texture.txt 35 bytes
  • well car art.tga 12.00MB

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