Lada 2107 white

Lada 2107 white


Author: steffan
Kind: scenery
Build: 1.3
Size: 92.91KB
Uploaded: 2019-02-24

Lada 2107 white

Author: Vladimir Steffan

    Lada 2107 white
  • 2107-2107_a.texture.txt 45 bytes
  • 2107-tma-2107-tma_a.texture.txt 53 bytes
  • 2107-tma.tga 48.04KB
  • 2107-tma_a.bmp 16.65KB
  • 5.51KB
  • 2107.texture.txt 27 bytes
  • 2107.tga 192.04KB
  • 2107_a.bmp 64.54KB
  • config.txt 1.17KB

Free for non commercial use. Donґt use this one for propagation anything bussines without agreement of author.

VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
VE62: Required container 'thumbnails' is missing.
VE39: The texture '2107-tma.tga' is a uniform color.

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