z7 linz whi n-40

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Author: varz
Kind: mesh
Build: 2.5
Size: 44.19KB
Uploaded: 01.01.1970
Loadings: 8

VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
VE84: The file 'std_scenery.lm' is provided in LM format despite containing only a single mesh. This may have a negative impact on performance.
VE62: Required container 'thumbnails' is missing.

    z7 linz whi n-40
  • config.txt 571 bytes
  • linz-lod.jpg 14.38KB
  • std_scenery.im 3.02KB
  • std_scenery.lm.txt 196 bytes
  • std_scenery_1.im 1.66KB
  • std_scenery_2.im 1.66KB
  • std_scenery_3.im 1.66KB
  • std_scenery_4.im 1.66KB
  • white_nc.texture.txt 31 bytes
  • white_nc.tga 48.04KB
  • z_kozyrek_w-z_kozyrek_w.texture.txt 57 bytes
  • z_kozyrek_w.texture.txt 34 bytes
  • z_kozyrek_w.tga 16.04KB