BR Class 37/4 37412 Large logo Weathered

BR Class 37/4 37412 Large logo Weathered


Author: tmz06003

English Electric Type 3 1750 hp DE Locomotive (British Rail Class 37).

Model created by David Dallaston (PikkaBird) exlusively for Auran TRS2004.

Sounds by David Dallaston and Wulf_9, from original recordings by Craig Allan and Andy Slater.

Engine config by Beanpole.

Scripting by David Dallaston and David Taylor (davidt), based on original work by James Moody (Bloodnok) and David Hamann (Marinus).

Special thanks to ChileanLlama and all the UKTrainz beta testers.

©2004 David Dallaston (PikkaBird)

All intellectual property rights and copyright reserved. All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. This package contains elements created by other creators; they retain copyright and may do with their work as they wish.

- No derivative works may be produced without specific permission (This means; No reskinning. No using parts of my textures on your own models).

- Neither the installation files, nor any of the included files, may be reuploaded or otherwise distributed. This content should only be available from the Auran Download Station or

This content is designed for use with Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 SP4. No guarantees are made as to its suitability for any purpose. You install it at your own risk.

David Dallaston
[email protected]

    BR Class 37/4 37412 Large logo Weathered