New K Przyczepa Drewno Empty

K Przyczepa Drewno Empty


Author: ViciA_007
Kind: scenery
Build: 2.0
Size: 623.77KB
Uploaded: 2023-11-19

K Przyczepa Drewno Empty

K Przyczepa Drewno Empty

Author: kanclerz

    K Przyczepa Drewno Empty
  • $screenshot$.jpg 19.88KB
  • cien-cien.texture.txt 43 bytes
  • cien.tga 4.04KB
  • config.txt 1.76KB
  • 163.18KB
  • przyczepa.lm.txt 261 bytes
  • przyczepa.texture.txt 32 bytes
  • przyczepa.tga 768.04KB
  • 163.19KB
  • 86.29KB

Zabrania sie wykorzystywania dodatkow na innych stronach, przemalowywania, sprzedawania bez zgody autora,
a zwłaszcza wpierdalania na płatne mapy zjebie Kgridzie i chuje z Rumunii.

You can't use this creation on other sites, painting it, selling without permission from the author. Ohterwise its forbidden using on shitty payware maps including bitch Kgrid and Romanian payware maps

VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
VE109: The low-detail meshes total more than 500 polygons. This may have a negative impact on performance: 0: 2684, 1: 2684, 2: 1602
VE111: The meshes in LOD level 1 must total at least 20% fewer polygons than the next higher LOD: 0: 2684, 1: 2684, 2: 1602