2-8-2 P2 Deflectors


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2-8-2 P2 Deflectors

The Class P2 2-8-2 with Smoke Deflectors 'Mikado'.

The 'Cock o' the North' was the first eight-coupled locomotive built for express passenger service in Great Britain. It came about due to the need to haul passenger coaches through some of the most arduous routes in Britain, with gradients as steep as 1 in 70 interspersed with numerous bends, compelling the locomotive to slow just when maximum effort to accelerate for the next climb was required. To achieve an effective design, higher tractive forces were needed and greater adhesion to apply those forces, this lead to smaller than Pacific driving wheels, but more of them and larger cylinders to deliver the steam pressure on demand.

Part of the reason that there is very little documentation and even fewer photographs is because they did not pull any 'named' trains. And of course they also lived in the shadow of the Gresley's most famous A4's.

No. Name Date

2001 Cock o' The North May-1934
2002 Earl Marischal Oct-1934
2003 Lord President Jun-1936
2004 Mons Meg Jul-1936
2005 Thane of Fife Oct-1936
2006 Wolf of Badenoch Sep-1936

2007 Black Douglas Fictional
2008 William Wallace Fictional
2009 Robert the Bruce Fictional
2010 Lord of the Isles Fictional

As you can see there were only six loco's ever built. The life span being around 26 years. Most steam loco's were killed off in England around the early 1960's due to the introduction of diesel-electric locomotives and only the historically significant survived. Gresley settled on the 2-8-2 design as it would accomodate a wide firebox and better riding over the Edinburgh-Aberdeen main line that had sharply undulating curves. LNER had the course specifically created for his 2-8-2.

Shortly, after Gresley's 'Cock o' the North' had emerged from Doncaster Works, a test run was made, with a train weighing 650 tons, from King's Cross to Barkstone, just beyond Grantham, and back. The long gradient to Stoke Summit, partly at 1 in 200 and partly at 1 in 178, was surmounted at an average speed of a mile-a-minute for the whole distance, and without speed at any time falling below 56 miles an hour. The engine developed at the draw-bar the hitherto unprecedented figure for Great Britain of 2,000 h.p.

Built at Doncaster, they hauled trains of 500 tons or more on the main line between Edinburgh and Aberdeen, which includes both the Forth and Tay Bridges hence the Scottish names. Before these Mikados were built, double-heading was common. The tractive effort, at 85% of the boiler pressure, was 43,462 lb, more than any other express loco then built in the UK.

The P2's had no British equal as load hauliers in express passenger work, but although they were triumphantly vindicated in concept they were flawed in mechanical detail; and that was not seriously tackled before the WW II. Gresley died in 1941 and sadly his successor Edward Thompson, was so determined not to live in his shadow that rather than attempt to refine the 2-8-2s he ruthlessly ordered their reconstruction during 1944 as ungainly and unsuccessful 4-6-2 Class 'A2/2' Pacific's which were finally withdrawn from sevice between 1959 and 1961.

Sir Nigel Gresley introduced A4-like wedge-shaped streamlining to the 2-8-2 P2 class in 1936. 2001 Cock o' the North, which , like 2002 Earl Marischal , dates from 1934, were the first of the class, and was later streamlined like the others.

FACTS AND FIGURES OF THE 'COCK O' THE NORTH.' Cylinders (three) diameter 21 in. ;
stroke 26 in. Driving wheels, diameter 6 ft. 2 in. Heating surface, tubes and flues, 2,477 sq. ft. ;
firebox, 237 sq. ft. ; superheater, 776.5 sq. ft. ; total, 3,490.5 sq. ft. Fire-grate area, 50 sq. ft.
Working pressure, per sq. in., 220 lb. Tractive effort (at 85 per cent working pressure), 43,460 lb.
Adhesion weight, 80Ѕ tons. Weight of engine (in working order) 110ј tons. Coal capacity of
tender, 8 tons. Water, 5,000 gals. Weight of engine and tender, 165Ѕ tons. Length of engine
and tende

Author: Allan Rees

    2-8-2 P2 Deflectors
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