4-6-2 Duchess Class BR Blue


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4-6-2 Duchess Class BR Blue

4-6-2 Duchess Class in BR Blue.


City of Nottingham and City of Stoke-On-Trent feature the coat of arms for the city above the nameplate and it's possible for users to add their own crests by replacing the alphanum_6c.tga file in the alpha numbers directory.

Don't forget to try out the New Cab view option in UTC using [ or ], for some exciting action on the rails.

1937 was the coronation year of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and both the LNER and the LMS had launched new fast streamlined trains linking London and Scotland - the Coronation express on the LNER and the Coronation Scot on the LMS. The West Coast route of the LMS to Glasgow was by far more difficult so their's was the need for an extra powerful locomotive. This they achieved in the form of the 'Princess Coronation' class, and it wasn't long before Coronation itself had wrested the speed record from the LNER at 114 mph.

Although the 'Princess Royal' class was a vast leap forward in LMS motive power, improved services by the LNER to Scotland and the fashiom for streamlined locomotive design in the mid-1930's meant that the LMS needed something to top the Princess Royal class. Stanier threw away a lot of his earlier design policies inherited from the GWR and came up with what is considered to be his finest creation, the 'Princess Coronation' class (sometimes referred as the 'Duchess' class); this despite the fact that he personally felt (and probably with some justification considering later events) that streamlining was a waste of time, at least with the facilities that the LMS had at the time. The LMS wanted a engine capable of hauling long-range expresses in excess of 100mph; on the 29th June 1937, the first engine of the class 6220 Coronation exceeded these expectations, reaching a speed of at least 113mph on the inaugural run of the 'Coronation Scot', the LMS's new London-Glasgow express (although the run nearly ended in disaster when the express hit the Crewe approaches at excessive speed; fortunately the train stayed on the track).

Sir William Stanier's 'Princess-Coronation' class Pacifics of the LMS (often referred to as 'Duchesses') were redoubtable contemporaries of Sir Nigel Gresley's LNER 4-6-2s. As one writer put it, …the Stanier Duchess was a splendid Thermopylae to the A4's Cutty Sark , and it is fitting that their designers were close friends despite the fierce rivalry and intense commercial competition between their respective railways.

Introduced in 1938 as a development of the earlier 'Princess' class 4-6-2s, the 'Duchesses' were arguably the most powerful steam locomotives ever to run in Britain. A sustained drawbar horsepower figure of 2910 was recorded on test, and performance maxima suggest that short-term outputs of up to about 3300dbhp were available on occasions. Early members of the class were streamlined but later examples were built with a more conventional outline. All were subsequently rebuilt to the later form, producing locomotives which many commentators have considered handsome and beautifully proportioned. Three are preserved, of which two are from the batch named after duchesses and the other (City of Birmingham) is from the later group which carried the names of cities served by the LMS.

In terms of tractive effort, the 'Duchesses' were fractionally less powerful than the 'Princess Royals' (40,000 lb compared with 40,300 lb), having larger 6ft 9in diameter driving wheels, but on test Duchess of Abercorn had proved what formidable engines they were. The boiler was larger, too, with a cavernous firebox said to stretch a fireman to 'the limits of human endurance'. Some assistance was offered to him by a steam-operated mechanical coal pusher in the tender, to bring coal forward to his firing position. At one time, mechanical automatic stokers were considered for the 'Duch

Author: Allan Rees

    4-6-2 Duchess Class BR Blue
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