Tank Container 20ft Bertschi grey


Author: jeeny
Kind: product
Build: 3.5
Size: 514.21KB
Uploaded: 2023-04-12

Tank Container 20ft Bertschi grey

Container 20 ft Bertschi

Author: jeeny

    Tank Container 20ft Bertschi grey
  • bertschitankgrey.jpg 21.05KB
  • config.txt 1.68KB
  • lumber_load_icon.texture.txt 39 bytes
  • lumber_load_icon.tga 16.04KB
  • tbertschigrijs.im 16.85KB
  • tbertscibasis.tga 512.04KB
  • tbertscibasisneg.tga 512.04KB
  • tbertscigrijs-tbertscigrijsneg.texture.txt 64 bytes
  • tbertscigrijs.tga 512.04KB
  • tbertscigrijsneg.tga 512.04KB

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