40ft BeerCar Schlitz URTX 3781


Author: majekear
Kind: traincar
Build: 2.5
Size: 593.17KB
Uploaded: 2019-10-18
Web-site: members.cox.net/majekear

40ft BeerCar Schlitz URTX 3781

Placed in ice and heavily insulated,beer cars delivered their cold product all over the country in the late 1800s and afterward. This 40ft reefer is Auran Industry interactive with loading of 8 general goods and LARS beer pallets and other fuirt and vegetable pallets. It was created with gmax Trainz Asset Creation Studio and Jasc Paint Shop Pro with config.txt load queues added. Phil Campbell coupler mesh added

Author: majekear

    40ft BeerCar Schlitz URTX 3781
    40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_art
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_art_512.texture.txt 125 bytes
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_art_512.tga 1.00MB
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_art_icon.texture.txt 127 bytes
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_art_icon.tga 32.53KB
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_body
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_body.im 77.32KB
  • 40ftboxcarframe.texture.txt 38 bytes
  • 40ftboxcarframe.tga 768.53KB
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_shadow
  • 40ft beercar schlitz urtx 3781_shadow.im 46.36KB
  • black.texture.txt 28 bytes
  • black.tga 812 bytes
  • config.txt 6.08KB
  • preview.jpg 7.46KB

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