New Port Of Brisbane V2.1 T:ANE

Port Of Brisbane V2.1 T:ANE


Author: #609955
Kind: map
Build: 4.2
Size: 2.41MB
Uploaded: 2023-11-15

Port Of Brisbane V2.1 T:ANE

I live and work in this area. So I model what I can see..

No long in WIP status and upgraded to work with T:ANE

Author: Targanon

    Port Of Brisbane V2.1 T:ANE
  • config.txt 41.93KB
  • mapfile.bmk 330 bytes
  • mapfile.gnd 3.78MB
  • mapfile.lyr 22 bytes
  • mapfile.obs 2.71MB
  • mapfile.rlr 36 bytes
  • mapfile.trc 27.05KB
  • mapfile.trk 383.59KB
  • targanon_20120225_0000.jpg 11.03KB
  • thumbnail.jpg 184.40KB


This file is released free of charge for your own use. Do not redistribute or host the model on any website without my express permission. The Auran Download Station is permitted to host the model when uploaded by me.

No profit is to be gained from the use of the model.

Where redistribution is permitted, the readme file and this licence file must be included with any redistribution. Copyright of the model and original textures remains with Targ.