Lorry AEC tipper Hanson TRAFFIC

Lorry AEC tipper Hanson TRAFFIC


Author: brook
Kind: scenery
Build: 2.7
Size: 338.21KB
Uploaded: 2019-07-12
Web-site: none

Lorry AEC tipper Hanson TRAFFIC

C1950 AEC Matador tipper lorry in Hanson's Haulage Ltd livery. TRS 2004 VERSION 2.4 and TRS 2006 ONLY. This model is the traffic version with night lighting and sound. SEE README FILE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET THIS VEHICLE TO RUN ON ROADS. For the static scenery version see kuid2:84912:29668:0.
My grateful thanks to Andi Smith (andi06) who wrote the script and nightmesh and George Bailes (skipper1945) the creator of the original model, without whose help this project would not have been possible.

Author: Stephen Brook

    Lorry AEC tipper Hanson TRAFFIC
  • $screenshot$.jpg 30.59KB
  • aec_tipper.im 434.78KB
  • aectipper.wav 9.47KB
  • black small.texture.txt 34 bytes
  • black small.tga 812 bytes
  • car.gs 713 bytes
  • config.txt 2.84KB
  • crome copy.texture.txt 33 bytes
  • crome copy.tga 812 bytes
  • face2.texture.txt 28 bytes
  • face2.tga 12.04KB
  • foden rear wheel map.texture.txt 44 bytes
  • foden rear wheel map.tga 12.02KB
  • foden canvas.texture.txt 35 bytes
  • foden canvas.tga 12.02KB
  • foden dark red.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • foden dark red.tga 786 bytes
  • foden door alpha.bmp 12.05KB
  • foden door logo 2.texture.txt 40 bytes
  • foden door logo 2.tga 48.02KB
  • foden door logo alpha.bmp 24.05KB
  • foden door logo-foden door logo alpha.texture.txt 71 bytes
  • foden door logo.tga 32.02KB
  • foden door map-foden door alpha.texture.txt 65 bytes
  • foden door map.tga 16.02KB
  • foden green.texture.txt 34 bytes
  • foden green.tga 12.02KB
  • foden headlamp.texture.txt 37 bytes
  • foden headlamp.tga 3.02KB
  • foden n-plate.texture.txt 36 bytes
  • foden n-plate.tga 3.02KB
  • foden orange.texture.txt 35 bytes
  • foden orange.tga 812 bytes
  • foden rad.texture.txt 32 bytes
  • foden rad.tga 24.04KB
  • foden red.texture.txt 32 bytes
  • foden red.tga 786 bytes
  • foden rope alpha.bmp 24.05KB
  • foden rope map-foden rope alpha.texture.txt 65 bytes
  • foden rope map.tga 32.04KB
  • foden seat.texture.txt 33 bytes
  • foden seat.tga 3.04KB
  • foden tipper sideplank.texture.txt 45 bytes
  • foden tipper sideplank.tga 96.02KB
  • foden tipper worm.texture.txt 40 bytes
  • foden tipper worm.tga 12.04KB
  • foden wheel hub.texture.txt 38 bytes
  • foden wheel hub.tga 12.02KB
  • foden wheel map.texture.txt 38 bytes
  • foden wheel map.tga 12.02KB
  • front.texture.txt 28 bytes
  • front.tga 1.28KB
  • lamp-opacity1.texture.txt 47 bytes
  • lamp.bmp 12.05KB
  • lens-lens.texture.txt 43 bytes
  • lens.tga 1.28KB
  • night.im 2.60KB
  • opacity1.bmp 5.05KB
  • readme.txt 3.05KB
  • rusty spring.texture.txt 35 bytes
  • rusty spring.tga 3.02KB
  • shadow.im 600 bytes
  • shadow.texture.txt 29 bytes
  • shadow.tga 1.28KB
  • sidelamp-taillightmask.texture.txt 56 bytes
  • sidelamp.tga 786 bytes
  • taillight-taillightmask.texture.txt 57 bytes
  • taillight.tga 786 bytes
  • taillightmask.bmp 822 bytes
  • white small.texture.txt 34 bytes
  • white small.tga 812 bytes

Distribution, re-distribution or alteration in any way for financial gain is prohibited. The original creator(s) must be acknowledged in any free distribution, re-distribution or alteration.
Although every effort has been made to ensure that this model is free from viruses and has been produced in accordance with Auran's recommendations, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage sustained as a result of using it howsoever caused.

VE48: This asset uses an obsolete trainz-build number. Trainz-build numbers below 3.5 are no longer supported.
VE166: 24 combined chunks (of 25 source) in .im file:
VE39: The texture 'black small.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'foden dark red.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'foden green.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'foden red.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'lamp.bmp' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'rusty spring.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'shadow.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'sidelamp.tga' is a uniform color.
VE39: The texture 'taillight.tga' is a uniform color.
VE109: The low-detail meshes total more than 500 polygons. This may have a negative impact on performance: 0: 9671

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