60ft Reefer ABSX 794766


Author: doggodr
Kind: traincar
Build: 3.3
Size: 540.91KB
Uploaded: 2024-04-30

60ft Reefer ABSX 794766

rgcx reskin of majekear's 60ft boxcar. RBL CMTMSystem3 ready

Author: rgcx

    60ft Reefer ABSX 794766
    60ft boxcarna_body
  • 60ft boxcarna_body.im 87.94KB
  • 60ft boxcarnamap.texture.txt 39 bytes
  • 60ft boxcarnamap.tga 1.00MB
  • 60ft boxcarna_shadow
  • 60ft boxcarna_shadow.im 2.63KB
  • black.texture.txt 28 bytes
  • black.tga 812 bytes
  • config.txt 5.09KB
  • thumbnail.jpg 17.18KB

A special thank you to majekear for allowing this rgcx reskin:) 'EULA
The progressive mesh file(s), textures, associated files contained in this distribution are copyright 2002 under universal copyright law. Any distribution or alteration of these files other than by the original author (Rene' N. Steinkamp) are prohibited excepting the distribution from Auran's servers. If for any reason you had to dispense money or services in order to gain access to these files, with the exception of having purchased Tr

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