Building Khrushchev (ii-35)

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Khrushchev-Series II-35 four colors (multi-colored, blue, yellow, white).

Moscow Series II-35 is a 5-storey residential building with large exterior panels. They were built in the areas of Kuzminki, Ostankino and Kuntsevo from 1959 to 1962. At the present time, the panel houses of the standard series II-35 are almost all demolished.

Author: trainzment,

Package Contents:

Title kuid kind build Size
t hrushevka 01 colored <kuid:555861:100376> scenery 2.9 2.13MB
t hrushevka 02 blue <kuid:555861:100377> scenery 2.9 1.94MB
t hrushevka 03 yellow <kuid:555861:100378> scenery 2.9 1.97MB
t hrushevka 04 white <kuid:555861:100379> scenery 2.9 2.13MB


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